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研究生退学处理决定公告(Announcement of the Decision to Expel Graduate Student)
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Announcement of the Decision to Expel Graduate Student

According to the relevant administrative regulations of the Ministry of Education and Shandong University, which are about handling of expelling graduate student, in accordance with Article 30 of Chapter 3 of the "Administrative Regulations for University Students " (Order No. 41 of the Ministry of Education , PRC ), and Article 43 of " Administrative Regulations of Graduate Students in Shandong University (Revised)”, these 13 foreign masters and doctoral students (the attachment for the list of students is as follows) who fail to register after the prescribed time limit of the school and have not fulfilled the deferred registration procedures and have no legitimate reason, will be expelled by the university.

In view of the fact that the expelling decision cannot be delivered to the students by mail, phone, WeChat, etc., in accordance with the requirements of Order No. 41 of the Ministry of Education, we decide to deliver the expelling decision by putting the public notice on the website. The public notice period will last for 60 days, from April 9, 2021 to June 10, 2021. The expelling decision will be deemed as delivered to the students when the public notice period ends. The decision will take effect from the date of delivery.

According to Article 60 of Chapter 6 of the "Administrative Regulations for University Students" (Order No. 41 of the Ministry of Education, PRC), students who are not satisfied with the decision shall send an appeal email to during the public notice period. The School of Medicine will submit student appeal to the Appeal Handling Committee following the procedures.

School of Medicine, Shandong University

April 9, 2021